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Graphic Design Service Shop

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Logo Design

Have you started a new business and is in need for a strong logo? Ginunique can absolutely assist with your logo designing needs and help to capture your vision.

Business Card Design

These are effective networking and promotional tools for your business and a great trinket to leave behind with your potential clients. Cards can be designed both vertically and horizontally and Ginunique offers one-sided and two-sided design services.

Facebook Cover Design

If you have a Facebook business page and in need of a cover designed for marketing purposes, I can do custom layouts that also fits with the appropriated dimensions so it can display correctly,

Brochure Design

Interested in a brochure that briefly summarizes and shows examples of your skills?  Whether you need a bi-fold or tri-fold, Ginunique can design a layout that will be suitable to your liking.

Flyer Design

Do you need a flyer to promote your business, either through social media or in person?  A well designed flyer will assists in awareness of your company, product, or offers.  

Postcard Design

Have a strong interest to send out postcards? Postcards are designed to suit your need and to either assist in marketing or sending out a thank you to a client that you completed a service for. 

Have an idea? Let's talk and see if Ginunique can make it happen for you!!!

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