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Who is Ginunique?

Hello my Shugas!!! My name is Regina D. Bartee and welcome to Ginunique's first blog. I am the owner, crafter, and designer that is behind the many designs and custom products that are offered by my business. I have been in business since 2007 and have owned 2 businesses in that time frame. My first business was Gina's Art Designs, LLC and I specialized in custom prints and it was only involving one genre of art. By owning that business, I made mistakes, had fails, and all of that just made me want to redevelop my business and ask myself, "Regina, what would you like to bring to your target audience and how would you like for your message to get out?" That question stayed with me and I was on a 5 year journey, which started in 2012 and I was discovering what I wanted to do, who I wanted to target, and how I wanted to present it to my audience..

Well 2017 was the year of my realization on what I wanted to do. My journey consisted of multiple market studies and what can I bring t that will make both a statement and stand out from my competitors. I discovered that I enjoy sewing, designing, playing with colors and textures, drawing out patterns of tote bags, quilts, and even other crafts that involve the development from a concept to an actual product. With all of this discovery, the name "Ginunique" was created. My slogan of my business has never changed from 2007 and it is "Turning Concepts to Visual Creations". Ginunique is a small business that displays both designs and crafts that are unique from every aspect, including down to the finished product. When Ginunique first came about, I was doing everything by hand. I was painting shirts, coasters, mugs, and just everything done traditional. I learned a lot and I can honestly say how I started in the beginning is not how I will finish.

Currently, I am proud to state that in 2020, Ginunique is a well-developed small business that is on its was to bigger and better things. My business not only graphically design logos, marketing materials, and provide a service, but I can also add your design to other materials such as blankets,, t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, etc... I can also stitch bags from self-drafted designs and combine colors and prints to form unique functional bags and accessories.

This has been a journey of self-learning and expanding my skill in other areas that I enjoy doing and am now being able to offer it to my targeting audience.

If you would like to visit my website to view my works, services, and even my boutique, go to and see how Ginunique is Turning Concepts to Visual Creations.

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