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Spa Nola Mobile Gift Certificate

Spa Nola Mobile is a local company that was looking for personalized gift certificates and nothing that was standard.  To the left, is a presentation of her package, which includes a self-drafted layout that included a stub section with a perforated line, and a custom cover design.  The final product that was created was a 15-page booklet that was assembled by Ginunique as well.  A great example of Turning Concepts to Visual Creations.

This particular project's goal was to create social media campaign flyers, with each having a different purpose of use.  The client also wanted her picture in the campaign flyers, which required some photo editing of removal of information that was not needed in the image.  Her colors were red, white, and blue. 

Social Media Campaign Flyers copy.png

Perseverance is another Ginunique line that illustrates a start from a design to being on crafts to even marketing material such as a business card.  On the left is an image that consists of crafts such as tote bag, cup, quilt, and even an ID/wallet that is hung from a lanyard.  

Soulfully Beautiful is one of Ginunique's product lines.  The logo was designed and it was used in other forms of crafts such as pillows, towels, tote bags, and will eventually be featured on other products.  

Soulfully Beautiful

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