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What is a graphic & craft designer and how does your skill benefits a potential client?

Graphic & craft designer is having a background in graphic design and being able to self-draft own craft designs from being to end and being able to put them together yourself.  I have an extensive background in both graphic designing and drawing.  Being a graphic & craft designer is giving the opportunity to fuse both mediums together to create both computer works and a physical product that can be used for my clients.

What forms of crafts does Ginunique create?

Forms of crafts that Ginunique creates are tote bags, wristlets, coasters, lanyards, booklets (upon request), quilts / throw blankets, etc….

What is your logo designing process?

Ginunique’s logo designing process is and extensive consultation with my clients involving their concepts and what do they expect for their logo to look like.  The process is in the following:

  • Design consultation with client via email, phone, or in person. 

  • Research their industry.  This involves understanding the history, competitors, and styles of designs that are used in the given industry.

  • Brainstorming on concepts that is based on my research and the client’s views.

  • Sketching out ideas and designing them out in the computer.

  • Second meeting is conducted on the designs and discussing the options and seeing if any changes need to be addressed.

  • Revisions and updates will be done so final approval can be done

  • Delivery of logo

How are payments accepted?

Payments are accepted via invoice by PayPal ( and CashApp ($GinuniqueAbsolutely).  With CashApp, please add in the memo which service/product you are paying for.

What is your policy of service fees?

Orders under $150 must be paid in full before the start of any project/product.  Projects over $150 has the option to being paid in full or 50% down is due once contract has been signed and agreed.  The remaining 50% is due at completion of project and no files will be delivered until it is paid in full.  If project has been started and client changes their mind, the 50% payment is kept as a time compensation of work rendered.

How will I receive my designs once project is completed?

Designs are delivered via email.

What is your delivery service for your orders/products?

The delivery service that I use to deliver my products is Priority United States Postal Service (USPS).  Once order has been mailed, a tracking number will be emailed about your delivery date.

Do you offer expedited service if I need it as soon as possible?

General turnaround time, depending on service, is up to 3 weeks.  A rush fee of additional $60 are for orders that are needed in 3 days or less. 

What features come with your tote bags?

Standard features that comes on my totes are outside front pocket and an inside pocket.  However, other features that can come on tote bag, depending on the size and type, includes but not limited to outside pocket, zipper outside pocket on back of bag, pockets on inside with and without pen holders, partitions, zippered or not, straps are custom made, and the tote bag can either be open or have a zipper or magnetic snap closure.

Do you print designs?

Currently, I am not printing any designs.  If you are interested in having designs printed, I do have outside sources that I can submit your files and they also have their delivery schedule as well. This may change or extend your delivery time of your finished products.

What is the turnaround on receiving a tote bag?

Turnaround time for tote bags are up to a week and then will be out for delivery.

Does your company participate in wholesale pricing of products when ordering in bulk?

Eventually wholesale pricing will be added to Ginunique.  At the current time, it is in the process of development. 


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