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Graphic & Craft Designer

Regina D. Bartee

My name is Regina D. Bartee and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana.  I am the owner of Ginunique, LLC, where I believe in Turning Concepts to Visual Creations.  In the field of graphic design, I have 12 years of experience and I  have recently fused it with my passion of embroidery and fabric crafting.  Being versatile and passionate about designing, my goal is to capture my clients’ vision.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2004 and in 2007, I pursued my first business Gina’s Art Designs, LLC.  My first business lasted for 10 years but I chose to dispose of it because I discovered that my audience were looking for something different and that my business did not coincide with what my audience was looking for.  In 2009, I decided to further educate myself on how to both operate and strategically develop a business that will meet my target audience needs.  I went for my Master of Business Administration and Marketing at University of Phoenix and graduated in 2011.  From 2011-2018, I used this time to restructure my business plan and develop a foundation on what I wanted for my next business venture to consist of and what services I wanted to offer.  After doing a market study of my audience, I established my new company Ginunique, LLC.  During this journey, it only reminded me no matter how you started out, does not predict how you will end. 

At Ginunique, I enjoy creating visual designs and marketing materials for small businesses as well as custom craft projects that displays their logo.  My slogan Turning Concepts to Visual Creations is my both my brand and commitment that I devote on every project that I am part of.  In addition, when a client wants crafts designed with their logo, I offer it in ways of embroidery and custom tote bag designing with each design being self-drafted.  Merging graphic and craft designing together opens opportunities to market your logo in other non-traditional channels that can also benefit your company being recognized in the mainstream of your field. 

If you have any ideas or projects in mind, let Ginunique be your business to call on when you need your concepts to turn into visual creations.

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